Thursday, November 15, 2012

Democracy is NOT a Spectator Sport/Sounds of Silence

If you arrived on this blog by happenstance, you've seen that this is the first post that I've made in more than a year. It's not due to lack of activism or thoughts on my part.  Over the last year I've::

-worked on the recall effort of Wisconsin's governor (Scott Walker)...unsuccessful
-worked with political action groups to send messages to state and national politicians
-networked with the AFL-CIO and Planned Parenthood to support causes
-done whatever I could to help Obama become re-elected
-used social networks to speak out against ultraconservative agenda and actions
-supported the election of Tammy Baldwin as a Wisconsin Congressional voice

What I haven't done is blog about politics.

From the list of actions that I've taken over the last year, it's obvious that I have thoughts/opinions/concerns about a variety of directions that different elements are trying to take this country of ours.  I think that we have struggled to be where we are today and I refuse to let those with a conservative agenda take it all away in order to either make America fit their narrow world view or increase their bottom line profits.

I'm not afraid to speak out against the initiatives endored by Faux News and the Tea Party.  I'm also not afraid to tell moderates/liberals that they need to be more pro-active and assertive. I have spoken up and will contiue to do so in person, through e-mail, and through the social media. In terms of political and social  analytical writings, there are so many who are more informed and articulate than I that my commentary does not seem as relevant as other actions that I might be taking.

Having said that:
- I'll check bac every so often and see if someone has left a message here.
-if you really have a thought to share with me, my e-mail address in in my Blogger profile info.

Thanks for stopping by and listening.

Please remember two things::

-Democracy is not a spectator sport.
-Your silence about a condition is interpreted as your consent for that condition to exist.


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