Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wisconsin Republicans Rearrange State's Districts by Following "the Dark Side" of American History

In a recent Milwaukee Journal article, it was reported that Republicans have already done this and would like to see it implemented before the ""Recall Walker" votes are made. This is no surprise. Gerrymandering is the proper historical term for it. The intent is to rearrange voting districts in such a way that there is a new balance of voters that favors the political party in power. That means that you realign voter boundaries so that a group who traditionally votes Democratic is absorbed by a majority who have traditionally voted Republican. This is exactly the plan that Wisconsin Republicans hope to implement,

It is interesting that Republicans have chosen to learn from "the Dark Side" of American history and have adopted some of its practices. The last ten months and what has happened in Wisconsin show evidence that it shouldn't be surprising that they do so. Democrats are"using the Force" and have appealed to the federal government (which has created a three judge panel to review this redistricting).

Hopefully, three things will come from this in spite of Republican control of both legislative houses:

-the redistricting will not be permitted to go into effect, at least until AFTER the recall vote.
-the citizens of Wisconsin will be incensed by yet another Republican "Dark Side" ploy.
-Scott Walker will lose his political job and no longer be governor.

For those interested in reading the original Milwaukee Journal article, the link is:

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