Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Thoughts On "The Movement'

Provocative or tongue-in-cheek attempt upon the part of Gary Trudeau? The Movements were/are different:-A stop the war movement + internet = a political tsunami. It's amazing that we did what we did in those times with what we had in terms of communication-no cell phones, no internet. Confrontation through violence was another difference than Occupy Wall Street (both sides were guilty of it at times Kent State (their side)/Army Math Research Center, U.W, Madison (our side)), though our theme was "give peace a chance". Egos abounded and were blatantly present, but Stop the War leaders literally put their lives on the line as targets by being so well-known, as did some protesters randomly (Kent State among other places). Those were the days/there are the days-both with righteous anger and a time of little apathy. My mind is racing on and it's only my initial cup of coffee. This strip triggered memories and thoughts. I vote for "provocative, thanks Gary.
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