Sunday, July 11, 2010

Midsummer Madness: Senate pauses in its debate of unemployment benefit extension

The purpose that Congresspeople become elected is so that they can serve their constituents. If that is the actual truth, then there should be no question in their minds that unemployment benefits should be extended. Millions of conscientious American workers are unemployed due to no fault of their own. The recession and the practice of out-sourcing have created a situation in which people who pride themselves as American workers are sitting idle, frustrated in their concern of keeping their homes and feeding their families. Very few, if any, of them want to be dependent on the government for their basic needs. Until the job market is restored, however, these unemployed workers and their families need the resources that the unemployment benefit extension will provide. This extension is not a luxury, it is a bare minimum necessity. I feel that the benefits extension should be voted on, signed, and implemented NOW.

Once the benefits extension is in place, I would suggest that Congress seriously act on the factors which have contributed to the need for the extension. Companies that increase their profits by outsourcing jobs in other countries should NOT be given any tax breaks. It might even be appropriate to place a tax on those profits specifically generated by outsourcing and use that revenue to help pay for unemployment benefits. The other area that Congress should act upon is the stimulus money that seems to not be actively used in restoring jobs inside the USA. The money is there, available, and should be used.

A final comment. As Congresspeople are elected to serve the people who they represent, their constituents should carefully watch how they vote on the benefits extension bill and later follow up actions. Those who vote to the benefit of their constituents should be rewarded with reelection,those who don't should be voted against the next time they run for reelection. This is how the partnership between Congress and we, the people was drawn up.

What do YOU think?


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